How much does the service cost?

Services start as low as $69 and are GUARANTEED effective. There are so many factors involved when keeping your home pest-free. Please call our office to speak with a service representative so we can get details about your property and pest problems to get pricing.

How often do I need to be treated?

This will depend on the type of pest. Bed bugs and roaches should be treated on a 14-21 day interval while spiders and ants can be treated every other month or quarterly.

Is the treatment safe?

We use only products and methods that are safe for kids and pets. We can treat your home or work with no interruption to daily activities. Call 801-999-4544 with any additional questions or for more details.

What pests are treated?

Our general pest service eliminates ants, spiders, earwigs, box elder bugs, silverfish, wasps, centipedes, millipedes, and crickets. We also treat mice, rats, moles, voles, gophers, roaches, termites, bed bugs, and many other pests not listed here. Call 801-999-4544 if you have questions, or to schedule service.

Is the service guaranteed?

Yes. The guarantee will vary based on the pest being treated, and occasionally other factors, but we do guarantee our work. Our knowledgeable office staff and technicians can create a schedule that will control whatever problem you may be experiencing. Call 801-999-4544 if you have questions, or to schedule service.

How soon can I get service?

In most cases, we can start treatments within 24 hours. We go out of our way to make sure you are happy, and part of that is ensuring timely service. Call 801-999-4544 for a free quote and to schedule service.

Will I still see bugs after my service?

Depending on the type of pest being treated, you may still see them even after the service, though this is typically only for a limited time. Eggs within a colony may continue to hatch for up to 60 days after the initial treatment. Our staff can explain what to expect with your specific service.